Accounting & Control Manager - SPT Finance Job Profile

Employee Name:      Job Title: Accounting & Control Manager
Division/Dept: Finance    Date:  Sept 17, 2010
Reports to (name):       Reports to (title): Finance Director
Employee signature:     Date Signed by Employee:
Supervisor Signature:     Date Signed by Supervisor:


The information on this job profile indicates only the general nature and level of work performed by employees assigned to this job.  It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and qualifications required of employees so classified.


The job’s primary purpose and overall scope of responsibility.
Why does your job exist? (Refer to Section 1 of instructions)

Financial control and analysis is fundamental to SPHE success with goals to continuously achieve best-in-class performance and be #1 with customers in the entertainment rental & retail market.
Finance is responsible for ensuring SPHE Japan business is accurately reported based on US GAAP / Japan GAAP & SOX compliance. This includes explanation of business activities to internal / external auditors and 3rd parties through transparent financial statement and control procedure.

Finance is also responsible for providing financial performance analysis for local / international management to support key business decisions. This includes informing business highlights in a timely manner not only through budget and forecast, but also through continuous correspondence with management and all key counterparts.

This role is responsible for the operation of the accounting and financial reporting function for SPHE Japan. This includes the supervision and development of the Finance team to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of business requirements. In addition, this role has a specific focus on Home Office Reporting (communicating in English), US GAAP / Japan GAAP & SOX compliance.


The job’s most important functions and responsibilities and percentage of time.
What is done? Why? and When? (Refer to Section 2 of instructions)

40% - Manage financial closing (monthly / quarterly / yearly)

  •     Responsible for daily and monthly journal entries including check for journals prepared by other staffs
  •     Responsible for driving month end / quarter end / year end closing processes, including but not limited to preparation of financial statements and monthly closing packages
  •     Responsible for preparing and conducting year end close for US GAAP and Japan GAAP

Measurements & Outcomes:

  •     Timely & accurate closing periods in line with Home Office schedule

20% - Manage Compliance Requirements

  •     Handling compliance issues in relation to Japanese Business Law and each GAAP
  •     Ensure company’s compliance to COFA and other internal controls
  •     Key contact for internal / external audit and taxation

Measurements & Outcomes:

  •     Increasing (or 100%) compliance with internal & external control

10% - Analysis and development of new business flow and operation

  •     Continuously analyze financial processes to ensure it accurately captures the business, including but not limited to LLP / Local Acquisition / Distribution deals
  •     Investigate business flow and prepare financial proposals for new business
  • Measurements & Outcomes:
  •     Creating and understanding of risks and opportunities through analysis for current & future deals.

20% - Education of staff on Accounting & Control

  •     Ensure that the staffs are educated on the requirements of them to ensure we meet our obligations for accounting.  reporting, tax, SOX

Measurements & Outcomes:

  •     Improved & timely compliance to financial control processes by all staff

10% Management and Coordination

  •     Demonstrate and promote SPHE values of teamwork, trust and innovation.
  •     Developing team staff to ensure they are engaged and reaching their potential
  •     Contribute to the establishment of the best-in-class and high performing Japanese Finance team by proactively sharing successes and learning with counterparts in Home Office/other territories.
  •     Develop effective partnerships with Commercial, Business Insights & Planning, Operations and Acquisitions to promote teamwork across SPHE.

Measurements & Outcomes:

  •     Improving Employee survey scores
  •     Regular feedback & coaching for team
  •     Collaborative & effective working relationships across teams


  •     Demonstrate and promote SPHE values of Teamwork, Trust & Innovation.
  •     Work closely with other members of the team to assist any ad hoc tasks necessary within the team



Competencies – Team Leader

Consistently Delivers Results
A    Leads team/provides specialist knowledge to enable SPHE to deliver business plan
B    Ensures team meets deadlines
C    Ability to translate key strategies into goals and objectives
D    Ability to analyze and interpret data
E    Ability to manage budgets
Demonstrates Broad Commercial and Customer Focus
A    Promotes the Global SPHE Vision & Business Plan
B    Ensures the individual and team’s work are commercially focused
C    Keeps up to date with market trends and applies to improve own area
D   Works to create partnerships
E    Looks to deliver solutions from across SPHE/SPE/Sister companies
Seeks & Applies Innovative Solutions
A    Ability to generate new ideas for their team/specialist areas
B    Ability to change existing thinking – do it differently
C    Actively supports innovation in others
D    Encourages team to experiment with new ideas, creates a safe environment
Promotes Teamwork & Trust
A    Supports & encourages others
B    Encourages honesty & transparency within own areas/team
C    Addresses conflicts or issues within the team in timely, positive & confidential manner
D    Gives constructive feedback
E    Promotes teamwork across SPHE/SPE/Sister companies
F    Actively includes individuals from a diverse background in team activities
G    Ensures actions within professional, legal and ethical boundaries
H    Advance staff development from a long-term standpoint
Communicates Effectively
A    Tailors amount & style of communication to audience
B    Ability to present effectively
C    Ability to negotiate and influence
D    Excellent diplomacy skills
E    Encourages team to improve communication channels – within team and with other departments


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