Procurement Senior Manager - Corporate Finance Job Profile

Employee Name:       Job Title: Sr. Manager, Procurement
Division/Dept: Corporate Finance, Procurement Services and Operations Support    Date:  January 11, 2008
Reports to (name):       Reports to (title):  Director, Technical
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General Summary
The job's primary purpose and overall scope of responsibility.
Why does your job exist? (Refer to Section 1 of instructions)
The primary purpose of the Senior Manager, Procurement position is to support the Company in contracting with vendors who will provide products and/or services to the Information Technology department, by conducting market research and sourcing potential vendors, leading the Request for Proposal (RFP) process, negotiating contracts with selected vendors, and monitoring vendor performance after execution of the contract. The Sr. Manager will work on 10-15 projects simultaneously, each project involving approximately $3-$5 million.


Core Responsibilities
The job's most important functions and responsibilities and percentage of time.
What is done? Why? and When? (Refer to Section 2 of instructions)

10%  Conduct supply chain and market research
The Sr. Manager is responsible for conducting supply chain and market research to support the IT department in locating potential vendors with which to contract for products and/or services.  The Sr. Manager must be able to accurately assess financial stability, capabilities, and stability of potential vendors and provide a list of suggested possible vendors to the IT department client.

15%  Develop sourcing plan and requirements for RFP package
The Sr. Manager works closely with all levels of IT department personnel to develop a sourcing plan and the specific requirements for the RFP package. The Sr. Manager must have sufficient subject matter expertise to assist the IT department in identifying and explaining, in detail, its requirements to potential vendors.

30% Develop RFP package and coordinate RFP process
The Sr. Manager is responsible for developing and distributing a tailored RFP package to potential vendors, and for coordinating the RFP process from start to finish.  This process requires the Sr. Manager to ensure the integrity of the RFP process by acting as the liaison between the vendors and the IT department during the process (answering questions, relaying requests for more information, etc.); scheduling and attending presentations by vendors; developing a rating system for use by the client; and assisting the IT department evaluate the final scores.  The Sr. Manager meets with the client to assist in the final selection process and conducts any necessary follow-up with potential vendors.

40%  Negotiate contracts  with selected vendors
After the Sr. Manager assists the client in the final selection process, the Sr. Manager is responsible assisting the client in refining deal terms and for negotiating deal terms with the selected vendor.  The Sr. Manager will seek assistance from Legal and Risk Management, as necessary.

5%  Monitor vendor's performance
In the first six months after execution of the contract, the Sr. Manager will closely monitor the contract with a new vendor, and will subsequently follow up with the client regarding the vendor's performance. In the six to eight months prior to termination of the contract, the Sr. Manager will work closely with the client to evaluate the possibility of renewal of the contract.

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