Senior Financial Analyst - SPTI Intl. TV Finance Job Profile

Employee Name:      Job Title:  Senior Financial Analyst
Division/Dept:  International TV Finance    Date: November 1, 2007
Reports to (name):       Reports to (title): Manager, Finance
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General Summary
The job's primary purpose and overall scope of responsibility.
Why does your job exist? (Refer to Section 1 of instructions)
Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI) leads Sony Pictures Entertainment's international television distribution, networks and local language production operations.  The Senior Financial Analyst will interact with all levels of the accounting and fmance staff and is responsible for preparing overhead reports, budgets and forecasts for SPTI.


Core Responsibilities
The job's most important functions and responsibilities and percentage  of time.
What is done? Why? and When? (Refer to Section 2 of instructions)

20% -- Prepare quarterly forecasts and annual overhead  budgets for each of SPTI's three lines of business, including all corporate submissions.  This process involves preparing and sending overhead templates to finance colleagues in offices outside of the U.S. and working with them to create their own individual budgets.  The Senior Financial Analyst will compare individual  budgets against prior years, ask questions to understand and explain variances, and consolidate  these budgets by region for presentation to the head of each line of business after review by the Executive Director, Finance.

20%  -- Perform  routine monthly close; prepare journal entries, analyze and reconcile accounts, prepare management and financial  reports for SPTI distribution. This process involves reviewing the overhead fmancials in the system and rectifying any errors (miscoding; misallocation to overhead; etc.); making journal entries for monthly accruals (i.e., for bonuses, etc.) based upon basic accounting principals; and obtaining proper signatures, initials, etc. for regulatory compliance.

20% -- Review overhead fmancials from offices outside of the U.S. to ensure proper reporting and work closely with financial  controllers in each office to manage business expenditures.
The Senior Financial Analyst will work closely with financial controllers in SPTI businesses outside the U.S. to understand, explain and properly report business expenditures, which are reported monthly (see below).

10%  --Prepare analysis of budget and forecast variances for each of SPTI's three  lines of business for quarterly management reports, monitoring actuals and providing explanations. This process involves reviewing actual expenditures as reported and comparing them against budget; reviewing variances with fmance colleagues in offices outside the U.S.; creating  a report for each of SPTI's three lines of business; and distributing to heads of business after review by Executive Director, Finance.

10% --Reconcile headcount and organizational charts for all SPTI employees and prepare quarterly corporate submissions in conjunction with Human  Resources department.
The Senior Financial Analyst works with field offices and Human Resources to update quarterly organizational charts to properly reflect changes in personnel and headcount.

10% --Prepare the monthly flash.
The Senior Financial Analyst will prepare a preview of the monthly close for revenue.

5% -- Identify areas and make suggestions for operational efficiency.  The Senior Financial Analyst will make suggestions to the Executive Director, Finance in the areas of process improvement and increased automation.

5% -- Prepare special projects, ad hoc analysis and presentations, as required.  The Senior Financial Analyst will be asked, as needed, to assist with special projects (i.e., cost analysis for office closure; ideas for cost savings in overhead).

SPTI International TV Finance Senior Financial Analyst Job Requirements

Job Requirements

Sony Pictures Entertainment
INTL TV Finance

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